The rise of Christian Pulisic

Christian Pulisic’s star hasn’t dimmed a bit since his breakthrough season last year. He’s already looking like the most talented player the United States as ever produced, and even with the massive expectations already being heaped on his shoulders, he hasn’t faded one bit. If anything, he’s shining brighter and brighter, and his fantastic performances in a Borussia Dortmund shirt have earned rave reviews from some of Germany’s most esteemed names.
Pulisic isn’t just being recognized in the States for his talent: those in the know are singing his praises around Germany.

Here are some of the biggest names names to single Pulisic out for acknowledgement.

Andreas Herzog

Former Werder Bremen midfielder, Austrian international, U.S. assistant coach and current U.S. Under-23 coach Andi Herzog spoke to German magazine kicker recently, praising Pulisic.

“He’s already reached a significant level at 18,” said the former Austria captain and caretaker coach. “He now needs to raise that level year after year, which is not easy.”

“He’s got an exemplary character, and in this sense good qualifications. I dare him to do it, I don’t see any limits.”Dortmund can consider themselves lucky to have two attacking grenades like him and [Ousmane] Dembele.”

“The development he’s taken is no coincidence. The lad’s got an unbelievable talent and potential. Jurgen Klinsmann and I realised that soon enough.”

Lothar Matthaus

Germany and Bayern Munich legend, World Cup and European Championship winner Lothar Matthaus weighed in on Christian Pulisic following his goal to seal Dortmund’s progression to the round of 16 in Champions League.

“The way he lobbed the keeper, at 18 years old, that’s rare class,” said the former Germany captain.

“Pulisic is doing what we expected from Mario Goetze.”

Mehmet Scholl

Another Bayern star and Germany legend, former European Championship winner Mehmet Scholl is a huge Pulisic fan, raving about the 18-year-old’s potential and predicting the inevitable interest from Bayern Munich.

“He is my absolute favorite player right now,” said the ARD TV pundit. “I can imagine that Bayern Munich will make a run at him in the future, because he just has that special quality. He can produce an edge over the wings, which few players can do. He’s able to create situations that can usually never happen.”
Thomas Tuchel

Christian Pulisic’s coach, Thomas Tuchel has done as much as possible to cool the hype around his young charge. He’s fully aware of Pulisic’s potential, but seems eager to keep expectations in check, and allow Pulisic to develop at his own tempo.

Hearing Mehmet Scholl’s comments on Pulisic, he asked fellow ARD host Alexander Bommes to “slow Mehmet down,” adding: “The lad’s a youth player. He could still play in the under-19s.”

Tuchel went even further in his comments surrounding the situation, saying:

“My advice for Christian is that he should read as little as possible, and maybe switch off the ‘Google Alerts’ for his name. When things aren’t going so well, too. But I wasn’t surprised by what Mehmet said. He has told me that before off-camera, and I told him he should keep that to himself. That worked out well [smiling] obviously.”

“We are very happy with [Pulisic’s] development. He’s been able to live up to his potential in the Champions League as well as in the Bundesliga. He’s a full member of our team, despite still being eligible to play for the under-19s. He’s very confident, stress-resistant and can bring his physical strength to the pitch. You can’t predict that.”



Written by: Football Broke my Heart


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